Comedian and Keynote Sally Edwards
Comedian and Keynote Sally Edwards 

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Female Comedian for Women
Comedian and Author
Sally Edwards is a professional comedian and keynote humorist whose hilarious humor is side-splitting funny!  Invigorating and inspiring. Sally Edwards is a five star Amazon author!

Sally's new five-star book "Comedy Mom!"  It is a true gem!
If you're looking for top-notch Keynote Speaker and Humorist for your next event - Sally Edwards is your answer!  Funny, family-friendly, informative and Inspiring, Sally Edwards will have you laughing to tears.  Is laughter the best medicine? Yes!  Contact Sally now! 
Television credits include A&E, Comedy Central and Showtime!
Laughter has so many positive physical benefits!  Learn about these benefits and enjoy hilarious family humor.  Funny Corporate Comedian and Keynote Humorist Sally Edwards will not only inform you of the benefits of a laughter-filled day but she'll contribute to the cause through funny stories about love, life, work and home.  Not to be missed!  Contact us today!

 Sally Edwards

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Comedy Mom - Amazon - Sally Edwards
"Comedy Mom!"  Five Stars on Amazon
Sally has written a really good book that not only kept me laughing, but inspired me to be a better parent and take what life throws at me with a smile. Well written and funny insight on the life of a comedian. When you are looking for a book that will keep you entertained cover-to-cover, I highly recommend Comedy Mom!
                                             - Julie S.
If you're looking for an easy-to-read tome that will have you sometimes giggling and sometimes laughing out load, this is the book. There's even a little pathos. But this book is worth your time. 
Love it!       
                                             -Maida M.
"Comedy Mom!"  Five Stars on Amazon
"Comedy Mom!"  Five Stars on Amazon
See: for more information about Sally Edwards as a humorist speaker.
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Clean Comedy: Christian Comedy Events
Clean Humor for All Events - Including Christian Comedy. Sally Edwards clean family humor is ideal for churches, business functions, hospitals, educational events, banquets, meetings, conferences and women's groups.
                                       June 27, 2015
Hi Sally,

Thank you for making Ladies Night Out: Humor and Your Health a success.
I received all positive comments regarding the evening. Your keynote keynote humorhumorkeynote humor was just what the doctor ordered. Loved the music and dancing...with audience participation
I have to say your husband is a good sport!
The food was good. The flowers beautiful.

I hope your enjoyed providing this program to the Edward Elmhurst community.
Look forward to working with you again.


Susan A. Earley, BSN, RN, MA
 Manager Community Wellness, Marketing |
Edward – Elmhurst Healthcare | Elmhurst, Il 60126